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Full Platform Performance

Full Platform Performance

Test & Analysis Tool

Test & Analysis Tool

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Improve the performance and quality of applications and games.

What can PerfDog do?

A tool of testing and analyzing the performance of full platform (iOS/Android/PC/Console). Quickly locating and analyzing the performance issues, improving the performance and quality of apps and games. No need of ROOT/Jailbreak on the phone. No need of extra settings in hardware, games and apps. Extremely simplified, a plug-and-play testing tool.

PerfDog's 8 Features

  • Full Platform

    Support platform like Android, IOS, Windows and console(such as Mobile Phone, iPad, windows etc.).

  • No ROOT/Jailbreak

    No need of Root for Android devices, Jailbreak for iOS devices. Efficiently solving the test and analysis challenges in Android & iOS performance.

  • Data Accuracy

    The influence of the tool itself is less than 1% to the performance of the test device CPU, and 0% to the FPS, which ensures the accuracy of performance data.

  • Data Integrality

    We provide the data about Screenshot, FPS, Jank, FTime, CPU, GPU, Memory, Battery, Network, CTemp, etc., which you may easy to get.

  • Application Universality

    Support for all applications, games, mini programs, mini games, H5, websites, etc. — It's an all-in-one performance testing tool.

  • Tool Usability

    No need of installation, plug-and-play, which reduces the tedious test barriers, for that the examiners are able to concentrate on the progress of test and analysis.

  • Cloud-based dashboard

    A cloud-based dashboard, where to store, visualize, edit, manage, and download all the test cases collected with PerfDog no matter where you are or when is it.

  • Team-work Ability

    No matter when and where your team is, you are able to set up tasks, and invite members to join the task. We also support to share and review the completion of team tasks.

Support plan

If you are a non-profit organization such as a research institute/public service and intend to use PerfDog for related subject research, knowledge sharing or popular science evaluation, our team welcomes you to apply for the free version. You can send an email to contact us:, we will contact you and authorize the free version.


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